Our first Australian Labradoodle Bailey gets some fresh air in the snow.

About us

It took us a while to welcome our new family member but we all fell head over heels in love with Jo-Lynne, our Australian Labradoodle puppy.

We live in nature and our dogs have a lot of space to enjoy themselves, but of course they prefer to be close to us, in the house. It is a huge advantage that they do not moult.

Our dogs are always happy and that is contagious. The idea quickly grew to set up our own hobby breeding farm.

We have had a stud farm where we breed horses for years. Every time we try to breed with good, healthy mares in combination with the best stallions, in the hope of producing a winner.

We can also use that experience and knowledge for our Australian Labradoodles. Beautiful, healthy dogs that grow up in a homely atmosphere.

Since we have the place and the knowledge, our dogs do not lack social contact with humans and animals. A plus for every family that wants to welcome one of our puppies into the family.

It's a passion!